If you’re a Google Drive user, you might want to pay close attention to recent developments. A troubling trend has emerged with users reporting missing files from their Google Drive accounts. These files aren’t just misplaced; they seem to have completely vanished from the cloud service, including all traces in folders and trash with little to nothing that IT support can do.

The issue was first highlighted by a South Korean user on the Google Support forum. They noted that all files added after May 2023 disappeared, and the folder structure reverted to its May 2023 state. Significantly, these files were not shared with anyone, eliminating the possibility of accidental deletion or unsharing by another user.

Google’s response? They’re investigating but advise against making any changes to your Google Drive in the meantime. This caution extends to not attempting to restore the Drive yourself.

The problem isn’t isolated. More users have come forward with similar complaints: lost documents and files, unviewable folders and subfolders, and more. The extent of the issue isn’t fully known yet, as it’s unclear whether the missing files are from the web version of Google Drive, its app, or synced folders on computers.

Our advice? Check all possible locations where your files might be accessible. And keep an eye on updates from Google as they delve deeper into this issue.

Stay vigilant and back up your important files elsewhere as a precaution. We’ll keep you posted with any new information from Google and if you need IT support, contact us.

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